M&S Screw Products was founded in 1985.  The company has grown through the process of combining new technology and proven methods of production.  Through this process M&S has offered customers high quality, short lead times and competitive pricing.  All Phases of the operation are tracked with an integrated computer system utilizing estimating, purchasing, shop floor control and accounting functions to provide the customer with the utmost information on the production of their parts.

M&S machines, most types of metals and plastics for many different industries.

We can run small and large batches of parts.  Our second operation department utilizes CNC machinery for milling drilling and tapping of parts or castings.  Our turning department can handle bar diameters of    2 ¾”and blank diameters to 6”. We also have multi axis Swiss capabilities to 20mm.

143 N Campus Ave, Upland, CA 91786

 Phone: (909) 985-2480


Please e-mail your prints and requirements to sales@ms-screw.com or fax to 909-985-9221